Friday, March 21, 2008

Frame Design by Terry Bicycles

Consider this : You're a frame builder and you have a valuable customer, of a particular shape and size, with her own set of preferences and challenges on the bike. There are numerous parameters to consider and important constraints to work around. Your tailored solution in the form of a well planned bicycle frame will help her enjoy the most out of her cycling experience. You as a frame builder will either always be remembered well or you will bear the onus of failed design, a dissatisfied customer and potential future losses in business. Thats really a make or break situation for both parties.

Custom making a bicycle frame is a wonderful problem in design optimization as Georgena Terry of Terry Bicycles ( The first and Last name in Women's Cycling) will show you. She provides sound instruction on how she goes about with this typical design situation.

While she gets the next installment out, you can check out another video from her titled "The Measure of a Bicycle Frame" which I think deserves to be linked from my sidebar menu on Design & Production.

Have a happy Easter!!!

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