Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Manufacturing : Detailing and Assembly

Looking at the pictures above, what on earth do you think the guys at Guru Bicycles are doing? Are they systematically torturing their bicycles into submission? Will they work better this way?

Any guesses?

None of those wacky ideas.

The Canadian manufacturer calls it the Detailing & Assembly Stage. They have one for both bottom bracket and headtube areas. Its basically a cleaning operation before they assemble components onto a finished and painted frame, be it aluminum, carbon fiber composite or titanium. This is a standard procedure.

In Guru's own words, from their excellent website :

The threads within the bottom bracket, along with its outside walls, are systematically cleaned with special tools to eliminate any lingering residue. Another small step that makes a big difference. This one ensures the proper functioning of all gearing components, while minimizing any power-draining friction.

We do the same detailing job to the head tube in order to assure an optimal functioning of the head set bearings.

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