Monday, November 5, 2007

The Lamborghini Bicycle

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Thanks to a very Euro group on facebook, I was able to learn that Lamborghini once made a bicycle under their name.

I don't want to mess with any more pictures of this bike, since its heavily copywrited with text on the website. Anyway, some highlights are that this bike was made in Germany by Lamborghini Bike International for the 1979 Frankfurt Motor Show. Now what was remarkable was that the bike was built with Titanium and Magnesium (for the wheel rims probably) and supposedly, even polyester was used (handlebar tape?).. bringing the total weight of this bike to 14.3 pounds, or 6.5 kg. That's pretty sick for a 1970's bike. The cost of this limited production baby must have run well into the 10,000's of dollars, but whatever happened to the Lamborghini bike, I do not know. It just goes on to perhaps show that auto companies can take a break from cars and produce bikes to get their name out there, and do so in the highest form of bling bling om shanti.. Good question to think about? What if the car business was no more economical in a hypothetical world where 'go go green' was the chant and any more of 4 wheelers were looked down upon. Don't you think if car companies wanted, they could make some hot bikes and put current bike companies in tough competition? Well, its also a matter of 'field of expertise' but still....

Some observations : In this picture, the wheels have no tires. And ..the brake hoods can easily give someone Carpel Tunnel, unless the position is changed. Man, can someone even ride like that? Is that EURO? And that odd looking thing to stabilize the bike is extremely fugly and industrial.

See more pictures and details here.

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