Saturday, November 10, 2007

RBT and a video...

To be a casual browser of the RBT forums is do-able. I got so interested in a particular post about the gyroscopic action of the front wheel that I took the trouble to go through 100's of messages, some just pointless arguments going nowhere, I mean trust me. If you have been on the forums, you'll know every bit what I'm talking about. The first 10 or 20 messages are fine and pertain to the topic, and then whoa! A huge tangent off to some where else and a few more posts later, every one is fighting with every other guy. Its hilarious, but please, if you're more sane, you'll do something better on a Friday night then go through RBT.

Anyway, nothing much comes out of reading RBT other than newly found motivation to learn how the bicycle works, how this intricate mechanism steers, how it's stable. Its a marvellous invention.

But another sweet video I came upon, thanks to the post from Tim McNamara, actually disproving the notion that track cyclists have to maintain a speed above some threshold value on highly banked tracks to avoid taking a spill, and the fact that they CAN indeed do track stands. Another sweet reason to start watching some track racing in winter. Watch these monsters get to 41 mph without a train, pure muscle...they probably wouldnt be able to climb a 3 mile hill though. If I were rich enough, I would build a velodrome for myself. Aaaah...(also, did I hear Liggett just saying that the record for a track stand is over 3 hours? Masochism!)

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