Sunday, October 21, 2007

Looking back at ECCC 07..

Damn, I get nostalgic when I see this video. Really fun times with the team. It was sort of the highlight of my first season, being able to go to the ECCC races...

With the 90 degree hairpin turns, the Boston crit was so technical it was ridiculous!!

Philly Phlyer was so chilly my cycling computer stopped working on the stem..besides setting a record for 520 cyclists showing up..

And the championships at Vassar in Poughkeepsie gave me the first glimpse of what it is riding at 5000 feet Euro style, do amazing switchback turns and showing off to the girls with seated hill climbing... ofcourse, I paid for it... I was numb for the entire week!

The best part of it all was living at host housing, going shopping for groceries at midnight on our bicycles, and getting 4 hours of sleep and waking all my team up with my moo-moo clock (which almost got destroyed on one occasion).

I really hope I can race the ECCC's next season. Thanks to the numberous men and women and all the schools that make it a success with a capital S.

Video courtesy Sally Smith at Darthmouth

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