Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bicycle Lift TRAMPE in Trondheim, Norway

This design has been around for a while (maybe since the early 90's), and thanks to Urban Velo Magazine, I caught it.

There are interesting prospects for this technology.

1. It helps average commuters, including younger and older people to get up a hill.

2. If you're in your business suit, you need not sweat it out trying to get to your office on the top.

3, Can be used for long, super steep sections of roads for commuting.

I wonder how the feet attaches to the travelling footbed. Or is there any attachment at all? Seems like there isn't. If a kid were to take this thing up, and he or she can't stabilize the bike, then an accident could result. Cars can't be parked on the sides of the roads. The person in the second video (towards the end) seems like he'll tip over to his right with the bike. I just can't imagine his immobile body being hauled up the guideway then. Urban velo thinks its an accident waiting to happen. For a full test report, visit the lift's website here.

I say its still a costly way to get up a hill.If you're geared you should be fine, or if you do single speed, just walk your bike up-. I wouldnt be caught young on this thing. Its the height of laziness.

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Chris said...

That tram moves like a snail. The people would be better off just to push their bikes up.