Thursday, September 27, 2007

Carbon belt drive

Interbike 2007, the biggest bike expo is under full swing in LV at this moment. I've been following the coverage from a number of online bloggers. Interesting picture of a belt type drive system by a company called Carbon Drive. Rumor is that these belts are the same ones used in Ducati motorcycles (whats with the cycling world and Ducati, Zipp likes to rave about them) and have an expected life of 8000 miles! The prospects of not having to change your chain, or 'belt" for that long sounds attractive, however weighing of life vs cost is still to be seen. Here are more super cool pictures of this bike. Something I'd like to see and question is how the belt holds up to the crankset rack or teeth. How is it prevented from slipping towards the frame?

If you like to see all the gear being shown by companies at Interbike, visit Bicycle Design blog (under my favorite links) or Bike Hugger or even Bike Mag. There are number of sites out there and a google result could have them all.

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