Monday, August 20, 2007

Bike Tech and Repair

I've seen numerous bicycle repair do-it-yourselves from all sorts of people. Some address some issues better than others.

I won't waste my time going through each one of them. I'll put here what is my favorite.

This is Tony of the Youtube Channel Etape.TV. Some of you may have come across this, some may not. But you'll like the presentation and easy to understand tips. These videos, I have chosen, also pertain strictly to road racing bikes. If you were looking for something else, keep checking Expert Village or Youtube. I'm 100% positive you'll find plenty to suit your equipment.

I've put together a series of supplemental videos at the end to go over the repair issues once again from another perspective.

Anyway, here's Tony. Enjoy!

Replacing an Inner Tube

Gear Adjustment (Or Rear "Mech" adjustment as Tony calls it)

Brake Adjustment

Headset Adjustment


Rear Derailleur Adjustment - Lennard Zinn

Cranks,Chain and Bottom Bracket

Proper Chain Maintenance - RiverCity

Brake Pad Maintenance - RiverCity

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