Sunday, July 1, 2007

That was a nice week!

A post race snap in cool down mode. Hows the cycling cap? :)

Alleghany State Park!

Looking back at the week, I raced the superfast Jean-Masse Crit, and did the Racoon Rally 25 mile road race in some of the hilliest roads I've been. I'm not sure of my standings in the race, but I did have a sprint finish up on the last climb. I was sucking the wheel of a local American racer, and about 60 meters to the finish , I broke off from him and edged past him at 19-20 mph while racer organiser and friend Larry Mordue cheered me on....

Looking back at the race yesterday, I am surprised I was strong enough to take the decision to sprint. It was good training, and I think I'll do more of it from hereon.

Oh did I tell you.. Some really young kid with a street bike and panniers was with us in the main pack and I was surprised he could take the 26 mph speed so easily. I keep imagining of the wonders of DRAFTING.... boy saves a lot of energy. I saw it first hand right there. The guy was racing with platform pedals!! Just awesome and hardcore....! Larry told me later that day that he finished the race, because on the climbs I never saw him!

Later that afternoon, after the races, we witnessed some hardcore trials, on trial bikes. Trialists (if you will) ride a special bike and maneuver them across boulders as big as houses to finish a short course. Bunnyhopping and balance are the names of the game, and every time you put your feet down, and your points increase. The person with the lowest points win. Amazing stuff. Never seen this anywhere before!

Letting that week go, I have to head to Church in a while, and rest my slightly sore legs. I'll post up my race results as and when I get it, including a photo from a pro-photographer who clicked me on the second climb.

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