Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pelo Pics

The Chicken meets the chicken! Hahaha...
Look at the rabid fan on the left. Put some clothes on and ride a bike duuuude!

To be very honest with you, I think its terrible that everyone calls Rasmussen a chicken. Alright, granted that some riders in the peleton are known by certain names. For example, Hinault was named "The Badger" because of his aggressive riding style. But chicken?! Chicken is the worst thing to be called... haha, sure Rasmussen looks like one. But rider database says he weighs more than Contador, and ofcourse there are much lighter and smaller riders in the peleton. Chicken can't have a power-to-weight ratio like Rasmussen's... I feel a bit bad for the man, and I'm not ready to call him that until it is proved that he DOPED! Until that point, its going to be a self esteem issue for the poor Dane.

This picture is funny. Soler, with little experience riding in a grand tour, is downing everything he can find around him, to muster the energy to stay with the leaders. With his weird cycling helmet on, he reminds me of a character from ET hurriedly climbing up the slopes after a heinous crime. Brave Soler!

Cadel Evans - boy, does this man have the courage or what. I say balls!! However, he doesn't look too graceful in a stance like this one here, where the reporter must have been prudent about Evans puking all over him.

Rasmussen has a tattoo , or is it just me? Wonder what is says? Suppose the chicken has a dragon on his right shoulder? Hmm...

Great pics though. Epic man. Epic!

Note : These are courtesy of PezCycling News.

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