Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Rides in Weeks Ahead - 300+ Kilometers

I'm going to be doing quite some riding in the next few days, and weeks ahead.

10:00 AM July 14th - Going to rock out my bicycle on an trainer and ride at 70% Vo2 Max Power Output...

9:00 AM July 15th - Road Race in Buffalo called Corfu West.

If that doesn't work out, I'll probably end up doing some 8 or 10 hill repeats on this local climb in Lockport. Thats some 15 miles one way, so it'll be a sweet 50 miles in total.

July 19 : Jean Masse' Memorial Local Criterium Race - 30-40 mins of high speed action! I'll try and stay with thefront pack, usually its just too darn difficult for me because I don't do things right. I have to find a sweet spot.

July 21 : (If weather willing...) A super cool 1 day 100 mile ride through the hilly village of East Aurora and back. Thats some 4500 feet of climbing in total.  Let's call it Tour de Sore. I named it! Some guys from our collegiate cycling club might also join, so its going to be sweet. I hate being lonely for a long onee...

August 6th-11th - The Tonga Denali Tour, a Tri State bike ride from Connecticut to Massachussetts and then back to Oneonta (around the Catskills).. I don't have much official information about it, but its more like a 200 mile ride, so we could be doing 30-40 mile rides everyday for a week though some awesome hilly roads and the excellent scenery offered by the Hudson River Valley. 

I'm positive some of these rides will continue to make my leg sore and my lungs heavy, 
but hey, theres tremendous fun in this suffering. You don't get it, do you?

Try riding a bike!

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